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Fortnum & Mason
From jam-packed hampers and famous tea, to celebratory tipples and glorious gifts.
Funky Hampers
pride ourselves on offering one of the most varied ranges of gifts.
Feast Box
a home delivery recipe box that makes authentic world food accessible to everyone.

Feast Box
Giving people access to global ingredients and bringing discovery back to everyday cooking.

I wanted to create a recipe box that helped people explore the world through food.
The disctinct flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques that you experience from different cuisines, give you a taste of how other people live. Every recipe is adorned with a rich history, and each ingredient helps to tell the story.

Drogo Montagu
Fine Food Specialist
A few years ago, I realised how hard it was for home-cooks to get hold of high-quality, exotic products.

I wanted everyone to be able to get their hands on the exciting ingredients that chefs have the privilege of working with in restaurants.
Fine Food Specialist is a collection of amazing products that I was lucky enough to work with in the kitchens I cooked in.
Nobody will ever be disappointed to receive something they can snack on.
help you enjoy exclusive, high-quality and great-tasting craft beers.
Fine Food Specialist
destination for quality produce and hard-to-find ingredients.
Fizz Republic
alcoholic beverage retailer with an exclusive focus on sparkling beverages.
Food & Drink Shops G
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Great British Meat Company
really proud of our meat here at Great British Meat Company.
Garden of Life
From Proteins, to Vitamins – our range is organically made with health in mind.
we want to make vegan the new normal by providing an easy, fun and convenient way to shop.

Dan, Jamie and Sam
Great British Meat Company
The founders of GBMC (Dan, Jamie and Sam), wanted to introduce the UK to a better way of buying meat, with the same values, skills and passion generations before ours had from their local butcher.

To give people a chance to enjoy the flavour of carefully sourced and expertly crafted, freshly butchered meat.
We're really proud of our meat here at Great British Meat Company

Craig & Jo
Green & Blacks
founded in London in 1991, by husband and wife, Craig Sams and Jo Fairley.
Craig was the organic pioneer, opening Britain’s first natural food shop in 1969. Upon his quest for organic peanuts, he came across what was soon to be Green & Black’s - organic cocoa. He commissioned a sample of chocolate with 70% cocoa, real vanilla, and most importantly it was organic.
Green & Blacks
A wide range of great Green & Black's organic chocolate gifts and baskets, perfect for all gifting occasions.